Sales Assessment

Can You Predict Sales Performance? Yes You Can!

Have you ever hired someone who you were sure would be a star only to find yourself muttering, What was I thinking? Did you dream of the sales you could have made but didn’t get?

They tell you in the interview that they can really sell. Their resume is sprinkled with experience, but you don’t know if it is true and if they were really responsible for the numbers.

Do they interview well because they know what you want to hear?

Do you know how much time and money you are wasting on trying to hire the right person?

There are many assessments out there, but they measure things like style and personality; they are not valid and reliable.


Our Sales Assessment is truly for predicting sales success. Among other things, it measures core competitiveness, the will to win, sense of urgency and drive, extroversion, stability, and various other core behavioral traits.

We love this sales predictor assessment for many reasons:

• It is accurate, valid and reliable.
• It takes about ten minutes.
• It is inexpensive.
• It is online – you receive immediate results.

It costs a lot of money to find, interview, and hire a sales person. Now you will know how competitive they are, their drive and sense of urgency, their ability to react, how they deal with your rules, and many other valuable insights. You only pay for completed assessments. If they don’t complete their assessment, you are not charged.

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